About UCA

The Uttarakhand Cultural Association (UCA Canada) was established in March 25, 1994, as the first association of Uttarakhandis in North America. It is based in Torontowith over 500 member families under its umbrella, the largest group of Uttarakhandis outside India.

UCA Canada is a non-profit organization which has been promoting the culture and awareness about the Uttarakhand region ofIndia inCanada, for over eighteen years now. During this time, we have made a steady progress in many areas of community building, including bringing our members under one umbrella, organizing get-togethers, picnics, sports and various cultural activities.

We are dedicated to the social cause of bringing families and individuals having bonds with Uttarakhand, together at one platform, to share their experiences and memories. Our motive is to promote cultural awareness among the community, especially young children being raised here in Canada.

Uttarakhand is located in the northern part of India, and is known as a Devbhumi “The Abode of the Gods” for its religious significance and Himalayan grandeur. You may visit Wikipedia to learn more about this beautiful region, its cultural and geographical richness, along with its historical and economic significance in the Indian economy.


Mission Statement

To perpetuate, preserve, and maintain the heritage of the people of Uttarakhand.

To assist and promote literary, cultural, educational, social, economic, health and community activities of the people of Uttarakhandi people.

To invite distinguished Uttarakhandi scholars, artists, artisans, and statesmen to America for lectures, seminars, and congregations.

To solicit, raise, and disburse funds for charitable purposes, cultural, religious and educational activities directly or in cooperation with other not-for-profit organizations of America to meet the aforementioned.

To assist people of Uttarakhandies origin in need and aid newly arrived Uttarakhandies to settle in Canada.